FAQs About Senior Sessions

Whether this is your first time with a senior, or you just have questions, check out my commonly asked questions:

When do we take senior photos?

June through September is typical. Just remember, some schools have their yearbook photos due as early as the beginning of Oct.

Do your packages come with digitals?

Yes! No hidden costs! Digitals come with the booking.

What do your packages start at?

$250 for my basic, one-hour session

How many photos do you get?

My sessions are usually 100+ photos per hour

How many outfit changes can you have?

It's more about time for me. If you can change fast, as many as you'd like. It just eats into the photographing time = less photos.

Do you touch up acne?

Yes, in all of my 'sneak peek' photos, and the ones you order for your print package.

Where do we take the photos?

I have a list of suggested locations, depending on your senior's look they are going for. I'm open to new locations, too.

Have you been photographing long?

I've been shooting professionally for over 10 years.

My teen is awkward. Can you help them with posing?

Yes! I help with posing and I use prompts to provoke natural reactions out of them. I find ways to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Can we have our pet or buddy in a few of the photos?

Yes! I love working with dogs especially! You can also bring your best friend to have in a couple of the photos.

I see you use a matte finish on your photos. Are all of them that way?

No. I use the matte finish for social media, but all of my photos come in a traditional look, more true to real life. The matte finish comes on all the photos I touch up extra on skin and hair.

What if I need more time for my teen? Can I add time?

Yes you can! I can add time in 30 minute increments at $125. If you need to add an hour, the rate is $225. 

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