22 Tips for Better Wedding Day Photos

1. Build time buffers as a part of your schedule, as incidents may put you behind. This way you can make up for the time later.

2. The best time for outdoor ceremonies is 1–2 hours before sunset.

3. The worse time for outdoor photos is between 12–2pm.

4. Your hair is important! Wearing it down may cover your face during candid photos. Wind and rain may affect your hair too. Keep this in mind depending on the season, or have a backup plan.

5. Try to keep the bridal room clean, as backgrounds are important for the photography. It takes time to move items to get the perfect shot.

6. Have a designated boutonneire pinner. See my earlier blog on how to pin.

7. Hair and make up on the bride should be done first, and be ready for touch ups when we are doing detail photos.

8. Window light is best for make up!

9. Wedding detail items should be unpackaged and ready for photos when I arrive to save time. Both wedding rings should be with the bride, so I can include these with the detail items.

10. Ask wedding guests to kindly not have their phones in the aisle, trying to get photos. I promise mine will be better!

11. Remove all items from front pockets, they will show up in photos.

12. Film your dress being bustled at the store. Share this video with your bridesmaids.

13. Apply baby powder between your thighs before putting on your wedding dress, as they are hot with all of the layers!

14. Walk slowly down the aisle, smile, and do not look down. (This is for everyone going down the aisle!)

15. Make your first kiss long, to ensure great photos!

16. Look at your significant other during the ceremony, not the officiant. Let me know if you plan any surprises, so I am ready!

17. Designate one representative from each family to gather the people for family photos.

18. First look – I highly recommend having one, as it helps with scheduling pressure, and allows me to capture the private moment better. It also gives you time to talk before the ceremony.

19. Receiving lines – Plan appropriate timing, if you plan to have one!

20. Keep first dance chat to a minimal, and keep it fun and flirty! It looks better in photos.

21. Have good posture, even when sitting!

22. If possible, allow me to eat when you do, so we are ready to go at the same time!

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