Strike the right pose for your photo session

Nervous about posing for your photos? Here are some great times to make you look great at your photography session! Remember, a fake laugh produces a real smile!

Posture: Good posture shows confidence, and makes you taller!

Stomach: Avoid standing square to the camera. Having a 45 degree angle adds an instant waist.

Chin: It sounds weird, but putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth can help hide your double chin! Arms: Keep your arms bent and slightly away from your body. Laying them flat against your sides adds heft.

Legs: Putting most of your weight on one leg will help you look more relaxed, and flatter your figure! Popping your hip slightly back helps you look skinnier too.

Hands: Nobody knows what to do with them! Ha! One thing is for sure, do not put them around someone, leaving just a hand sticking out. I call that, "the floating hand." It doesn't look good in the photo, making you question where that hand came from! Instead, hold your flowers, a veil, your dress, a hip, touch your hair, or hold your spouse or kid's hand.

Posing for the camera

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